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The School-Level Expenditure Report breaks down expenditures of federal, state and local funds for districts – local educational agencies and public school academies (charter schools) – in the state for each fiscal year. This report publishes expenditures at the school level, while other expenditure reports on MI School Data publish data at the district level.

This report was developed as a requirement of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. The first available year of the report is 2018-19.

There will be scenarios and issues specific to individual districts and schools that may affect comparability within and between districts. For example, expenditures made by intermediate school districts (ISDs) serving students at the district level will not appear on the district’s School-Level Expenditure Report. It is important to consider the limitations of analyzing this data on its own, given the examples noted above, along with other variances that may occur, including, but not limited to, teacher seniority, ISD support, and student need. Please direct any questions or concerns to the appropriate school or district contacts.

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To view data for a school or district, first select a district or search in the district dropdown menu. You can search by clicking the arrow and typing in the search bar by the magnifying glass. Next, select the name of the desired school in the school dropdown menu or leave the setting at “All” if you wish to see all the school buildings within the chosen district. 

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