This is the legacy MI School Data site that has now been decommissioned.

Please use for up-to-date data and reports

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Updated as of October 21, 2020

MI School Data Redesign Launch

The redesigned MI School Data website, which will be launched on Tuesday, Oct. 27, will include all the reports users are used to seeing, as well as exciting new features. MI School Data’s updated look and feel are designed to connect users with the information they need quickly and easily. Specialized landing pages provide educators, parents, policymakers and members of the media with data of interest to them in one page. Education Focus Areas delve deeper into specific topics, displaying multiple types of data relevant to that topic and text descriptions to draw connections, provide context and highlight important information. The Education Map shows information about Michigan educational entities and regions, including fast facts, related locations and peer comparisons. The Compare tool allows users to compare up to 20 schools and districts on a variety of topics.

Once the redesigned website becomes available, users still will be able to access the previous MI School Data website at The previous site will be available for two months after the redesign release.

Recently Released to the Public

  • The following Parent Dashboard items have been updated with 2019-20 data:
    • Attendance
    • Suspension and Expulsion
  • Data showing attendance rates for all students, chronically absent students, and not chronically absent students for 2019-20 have been added to the Student Attendance report.
  • Data showing early intervention and special education services delivered to Michigan children during three important age spans – birth to third birthday, third birthday to kindergarten entry, and kindergarten to 3rd grade – have been updated in the Continuity of Service in Special Education reports with school year 2019-20 data. 
    • The Service Comparisons report shows the percentage of students receiving services in each age group for a selected ISD compared to the statewide percentage.
    • The Service Pathways report shows the number and percentage of children receiving services in each age group, as well as when children began and finished receiving services. 

Recently Released in preview

  • School year 2019-20 data have been added to the Student Mobility report, which compares numbers of students transferring to, transferring from, and remaining in a district after fall count day. Data are in preview and will be publicly available in a week.

Coming Soon

  • The following Parent Dashboard items will be updated with 2019-20 data:

    • Qualified Teaching Staff
    • Peer Data will be updated on all metrics.
    • Student Transfers
  • The School Grades report will be updated with 2019-20 data. The report is based on the Michigan School Grades System in which schools receive up to five letter grades and three ranking labels based on various school performance components. Due to the suspension of state assessments in spring 2020, this year’s data will only include results for Graduation Rates, Chronic Absenteeism, English Learner Progress and Compliance with State and Federal Law for Alternative Education Campuses.

This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar. Check the ticker on MI School Data for updated report release news.