This is the legacy MI School Data site that has now been decommissioned.

Please use for up-to-date data and reports

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Here you will find enrollment and outcome data for Michigan’s public colleges and universities as well as independent colleges that participate in state data collection efforts.
The Postsecondary Success Rates report shows the number of degree-seeking students who enter a Michigan postsecondary community college or public university and achieve a successful outcome.
View reports on College Enrollment, Student Pathways, College Destination, Remedial Coursework and College Progression by Graduating Class.
The College Transfer report shows the transfer patterns, demographics, and performance data for students who transferred into or out of a Michigan college or university.
The College Undergraduate Enrollment report provides a summary of undergraduate students enrolled at Michigan colleges and universities, searchable by college.
Community colleges are required to submit a historical record of financial events and instructional activity each year to Michigan’s Postsecondary Data Inventory. View reports on tuition and fees for Michigan's community colleges.
The College Degrees and Certificates Awarded dashboard displays summarized student achievement at Michigan's colleges and universities by award type, program, race/ethnicity and gender.

Additional Resources

The Postsecondary Entity List is a complete listing of all postsecondary institutions that have been collected through the Student Transcript Academic Record Repository and the National Student Clearinghouse.