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Staffing Summary

MI School Data has been designed to be a source of data across the P-20 spectrum, including preschool through postsecondary sources, as well as staffing and financial information. An initial report in MI School Data that reviews staffing data is the Educator Effectiveness report. The MI School Data team is designing additional reports and displays to contain information regarding school and district staffing data in Michigan and will add this content to MI School Data in the future.

CEPI collects personnel data from school districts via the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP) two times during the school year. See Additional Data Files for existing staffing reports.

Educator Effectiveness Ratings and Factors Report

The Educator Effectiveness report (see separate tab at the top of this page) summarizes effectiveness ratings of district staff members as reported by the school districts. Note that districts are required to make determinations of the effectiveness of teachers and administrators employed by them within the Michigan public school system. In this report, administrators include staff members reported as superintendents, assistant superintendents, administrators, and principals. Teachers include all staff members who are assigned to provide educational instruction to students.

In addition to this report, users will be able to download the following reports which include the evaluation factors for administrators, principals and teachers that are used to determine effectiveness ratings as reported by the school districts:

The Michigan Department of Education has compiled resources related to educator evaluation policy that can be accessed here. Resources available at this page will assist educators and the public in understanding the context of the 2011-12 report and plans for state policy in this area.