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Annual Education Report Help

This section combines all of the inquiries into a single report

General Information

AER Navigation

  • Once you have run the Annual Education Report inquiry for your district or school, clicking the "Download/Print" button will generate the Annual Education Report pdf in the Annual Education Report.

Historical Archives

  • The Annual Education Report does not provide historical archives of your district's or school's report. Please use your district or school report archives to view past years data.

Inquiry Settings Tab

  • Allows users to select the location settings (ISD, District, School).
  • Once these Inquiry Settings are chosen, the site will remember those choices as you navigate through the different reports. At any time you may chose different Inquiry Settings to view a different school or district.

Student Assessment Data Tab

This section presents information regarding:

  • M-STEP, PSAT, MME, and MI-Access.
    • M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) assesses students in grades 3-8 measuring Michigan's content standards.
    • PSAT (Preliminary SAT) assesses students in 8th grade Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics.
    • MME (Michigan Merit Exam) assesses students in grade 11 (and eligible students in grade 12) based on Michigan high school core content expectations. This includes M-STEP Science and Social Studies and College Board SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics.
    • MI-Access is Michigan's alternate assessment program for students with significant disabilities and when IEP teams determine that general assessments, even with accommodations, are not appropriate.
  • The percentage of students tested.
  • Information on student achievement at each proficiency level.
  • The percentage of students that are proficient.

Tabular Results

  • Displays the results of the inquiry in a summary table.
  • The summary table is divided according to assessment type (M-STEP, MME, MI-Access).

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Accountability Data Tab

This section presents Accountability Detail Reporting Data regarding:

  • Comparison between student achievement levels and the State’s objectives.
  • Academic Indicators are defined as:
    • Assessment Proficiency
    • Graduation Rates, which are recorded for High Schools only.
    • Attendance Rates
    • English Learners Making Progress Toward English Language Proficiency
Tabular Results
  • Displays the results of the inquiry in a summary table.
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Accountability Data

This section presents Accountability Reporting Data 
  • Uses information from assessments, graduation and attendance rates, and other measures of school quality, to determine if the school is meeting accountability targets.
  • Identify how well your school is serving the overall academic needs of students.
Tabular Results
  • Displays the results of the inquiry in a summary table (State).
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Educator Qualifications Data Tab

This section is dedicated to showing information regarding educator qualifications. The inquiry table shows:

  • Inexperienced teachers, principals, and other school leaders.
  • The percentages of teachers with emergency or provisional certifications within the State, District, and School.
  • The number and percent of teachers who are not teaching in the subject or field for which the teacher is certified or licensed.

Tabular Results

  • Displays the results of the inquiry in a summary table.

Professional Qualifications are defined by the State and may include information such as the degrees of public school teachers (e.g., percentage of teachers with Bachelors Degrees or Masters Degrees) or the percentage of fully certified teachers.                        

NAEP Data Tab

This section presents information regarding:

NAEP administers a state level assessment in Mathematics and Reading every two years. The most current results are from the year 2022.

There is no recognized set of national academic standards. Each state sets their own academic standards and definitions of proficiency. National Assessment of Educational Progress results use a common assessment framework across all states which cannot be directly compared with M-STEP results for the same grade. NAEP and M-STEP define their performance level descriptions differently and performance levels do not correspond between the two assessments. NAEP is given in the Winter, M-STEP is given in the spring.

Sec. 1003 School Improvement Funds Data Tab

This section presents information regarding:

Schools and districts that have received federal school improvement funds to implement specific strategies related to school improvement. Schools are eligible for these federal funds through being identified for low performance in the Michigan School Index System.

Tabular Results
  • Displays the results of the inquiry in a summary table.